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    Regional Aviation & China-made Aircraft Development Forum 2019 Successfully Held in Xi'an

    發布時間: 2019-11-22

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    China Aviation Daily | Nov. 22, 2019



    The Regional Aviation & China-made Aircraft Development Forum 2019 was successfully held in Yanliang, Xi'an on November 14.


    Featuring the theme of "Discussing and Sharing Ideas to Promote the In-depth Cooperation of OBOR Civil Aviation", nearly 200 guests from CAAC, Pacific-China Friendship Association, local governments, airport groups, airlines, financial institutions, AVIC and news media as well as civil aviation officials of ten countries attended the event and conducted extensive discussions on topics including the development and cooperation of aviation industries in OBOR countries, building of regional aviation environment in the region, regional aviation and airport operation, and development of China-made regional aircraft. At the event, the Aviation Industry Development Research Center of China also issued a Market Forecast Report for Civil Aircraft in China 2019-2038.


    As a regional aircraft manufacturer, AVIC and its subsidiary Xi'an Aircraft use the "Modern Ark" series aircraft as a platform and have always been committed to building a civil aircraft industry chain and ecosystem while providing products for the market. So far, a total of 109 MA series aircraft have been delivered to customers in 19 countries across four continents, operating 268 air routes.


    In addition, MA Series Aircraft Customer Conference 2019 and Operating Authorities Partner Conference for Modern Ark Aircraft were also held during the event.